Everybody is having the exact same discussion these days. We are talking about the economy, corruption, individual bar soaps for the price of rent, high interest rates, bank collapses, debt, lack of leadership etc.  Very easy to get into a doom and gloom frame of mind.  I sat around one of these discussions recently and I was fascinated at how the blame game is on.  After a couple of rounds of the game (you know where every so often someone puts a different twist on the same point in an attempt to look well versed and intelligent), it is very easy to go home and start filing for citizenship of other countries.  However I posed a question to this particular group and asked them if they had the same problems they have this same time last year.  To most they agreed. Fine, last year a bank didn’t go into receivership but they still had debt, they were still struggling with spending and expenses, they still had not taken the time to learn where to invest, they were still blaming other people i.e. employers for not paying them more money, still consumed with figuring out how to impress those around them. I am not in denial that certain things happening can make one afraid.  I am not in denial that as a country we have a lot of work and repair to do in certain areas. Yes, current events are affecting us economically in one way or another.

Our leadership is well…umm…. not enough space in this column to talk about that.  But with this particular group of people and I am sure many people and groups who are having this conversation, current events have only given them an excuse to do what they were doing a year ago.  Nothing! If you have been doing nothing and continue to do nothing, you honestly do not earn the right to sit around and complain.  If interest rates went to two percent and corruption like yellow pox got eradicated, you would still do nothing and find something to blame. History has always shown that in challenging economic times there are people who thrive.  I can guarantee you they didn’t play the game blame and do nothing. Vent, acknowledge the facts and then get up and do something rather than having the same discussion every day. You can use your lunch money and pay that loan faster, you can manage expenses and invest in the stock market, you can test that business idea out, you can re-engineer your business you can invest time in learning something new, you can train to run a marathon. Something! Whatever we do let’s not blame our way into nothingness.