After Reading this Article, you might want to Ditch the Corporate world and Go for a Start-up of your own.

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Sure, a corporate gig might (initially) pay more than a startup and come with cushy benefits, but there are real, career-defining reasons to heed the siren song of a startup.
As an employee one begins to get tired of daily commuting to the office and gets bored of the fixed working hours which makes one wonder ”what if it’s time to leave my current job and start a business of my own?”
Not everyone finds the corporate world as Interesting although some people choose to stay as they are unsure of what the world may hold for them; they rather stick to the job they have and avoid starting their own business.
If you’re among those people, here are photos that can really open your mind and make you decide to take the plunge. startupGrind

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how to start

A simple and continuous steps to success.

how instagram started

The whole instagram idea was brought to life in 8 weeks, Truly inspiring.

how airbnb started

How two friends’ desperateness resulted to a big idea which is now worth $10 Billion and is still growing.


From Amadeo Giannini, Steve jobs, Mark Zuckerberg to Bill Gates; This people beat the odds, proved wrong everyone who never believed in them and became very successful. “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” ― Jordan Belfort


Pick up good habits and invest in yourself while you’re still young and energetic. Set goals that you can achieve and force yourself out of the comfort zone. Don’t forget to Dream big.